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Davie504By Guest Teacher DAVIDE BIALE (DAVIE504)
Forget watching long boring videos with too much talking… ‘Speedy Bass Licks’ are a no B.S way to master new bass licks FAST.

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Video Description:
In this quick “Copy & Play” Speedy Bass Lick video, you’ll learn how to play the famous bass line for the Queen song Another One Bites The Dust by guest teacher Davie504. After you watch how to play it, you’ll then see a slowed down version. This slow version also has the bass tabs on the screen so you can easily see which bass guitar notes to play.

I’m sure you have seen other bass riffs videos that take 30 minutes just to show you a simple bass line. Often they have far too much talking on them and get boring fast. Here at Speedy Bass we cut out the B.S. and just show you the riff and then show you how to play it. Quick, Simple and Speedy!

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