Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’) Bass With Tab

I found this cool play along of “Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster” with tabs that I thought you’d enjoy. It’s a lot of fun to play so check it out.

If you like this kind of lick lesson then I think you’ll love my SpeedyBass Licks series.

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The Importance of Warming Up

One of the simplest and often overlooked parts of bass playing is warming up.

For just a few minutes of effort each time you pick up your bass you can reap the benefits a good warm up exercise offers.

Let’s take a look at those benefits quickly now…
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Theme Song: Family Guy Bass Tab

Family Guy

Whether you love or hate the show Family Guy sure does have a catchy theme song. Just like the Super Mario theme song the timing is crucial to get it sounding right.

Family Guy Bass Tab

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Theme Song: Addams Family Bass Tab

The Addams Family

This theme is a bit creepy and kooky. Or even mysterious and spooky. It’s important with this theme that you make sure your notes sound crisp and punchy. Don’t forget to snap your fingers where the “x’s” are.

The Addams Family Bass Tab


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Theme Song: Friends Bass Tab

FriendsFriends Bass Tab

So no one told you bass was gonna be this way… This is a nice and catchy little theme that has a good range to help stretch out your fingers. It’s important to get the rhythm correct with this one to get it to sound right. It’s a great theme to share with friends.


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